Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Cool For School;

Today is the first day since I was four years old that September has not meant 'back to school'. Granted, elementary school, high school, and university all start on a multitude of days, but with all of my friends preparing for their classes, I have to admit that I am torn with how I am feeling about sleeping in and staying in my pj's all day.

On one hand, autumn is my favourite season. I love this time of year. I guess I have never fully been able to enjoy it because of the anxiety attributed with early classes, daily readings and essay prep. Now, with nothing besides work stopping me, I am free to breathe in the crisp air at my own leisure. With everyone busy at school, I actually have some time to myself, time that I have never really experienced in any other time than the summer months. And the summer always became so packed with plans, that I didn't really achieve all of the personal things that I wanted to. I have that time now.

But a part of me really does miss the initial panic and the quick onset of boredom that I became so accustomed with at Brock University, Bishop Reding Secondary School, and even Our Lady of Victory Elementary school. I miss buying the supplies and organizing my laptop for optimal note-taking. I miss running into people in the halls (or pretending to be in such a rush that I can't stop to talk). I miss when "Tim Hortons" meant breakfast, lunch or dinner. I miss facebook in lecture and texting in seminar. I guess I even miss essays.

When summer started, I broke down with the realization that I would not be attending any faculty in the fall. I was worried about being left behind by all of my cohorts, as they strive for bigger and better things than this little town has to offer. I fell apart for a while thinking about what would become of me.

But I guess the only thing that I can really do is keep my head up and enjoy these months that I have to myself. The time that I never really had is now mine, and I can really do whatever I want.

Not to mention, I have scored my first grown-up job at BMO Bank of Montreal. I am sure that will take up a great deal of my time come September 20th (exactly 31.5 hours a week of my time).

So here is to my new start. It isn't what I am used to, but I am sure I will find a way to make it work.

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