Sunday, September 19, 2010

1000 Ways To Die;

For some reason, the question 'what is your ideal way to die?' comes up quite often.
I never really knew how to answer that sort of question because:

a. There is really no way to control what happens, so coming up with an ideal way seems like a perfect way to get disappointed right before you go.
b. It is pretty morbid.
c. I would prefer not to die.

But of course, regardless of my issues with the question, I have thought of an answer while watching one of my favourite movies (The Devil's Rejects - Rob Zombie). If I got to choose how I went, I think that I would want it to be something like this.
I don't want to be a murderer or anything, and I am aware of the fact that there wouldn't likely be a big shoot-out with the police if I hadn't done something severe. That isn't really the point. But the sheer acceptance in their eyes and the intensity of going out, guns blazing, right to the bitter end is so monumental. There is something so powerful about it.

Really. I don't want to be a killer. But, still. We are just thinking hypothetically, right?

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  1. not as badass as yours, but the last movie i can think of with a great almost death scene was toy story 3. don't shit on me yet, let me explain lol. when all of the dudes are in the trash incinerator there's a powerful moment when they stop struggling to escape, hold hands, and wait for ultimate DOOM. almost cried, maybe.