Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I Learned While Camping;

1. You usually always need a tarp. Damnit.
2. It is almost impossible to sleep in with the sun shining in on you (and roasting you in your tent). Get ready for eight thirty wake up.
3. You can nap, or you can just start drinking. I suggest the latter.
4. Turn off your phone. It is amazing how quickly you forget about it. Unless you have an iPhone and you forget speakers. Then you should leave it on.
5. Bring speakers.
6. Bring Steve Schapoks.
7. Crayfish and 'Crawfish' (and CrawDaddies) are in fact the same thing. Now you know.
8. The name 'Wendy' was not first coined in Peter Pan, but it did become popular through the film.
9. Playing 'Backstreet Boys' and 'Savage Garden' at maximum volume guarantees a good night.
10. Bring a guitar and also people who are great at guitar.
11. Play flip cup, and if you are more extreme, play flip cup while standing on a bench the whole time.
12. Always save wood for the morning. Not 'morning wood', Lindsay Gray.
13. Wet cardboard does not burn. And the fire can't start if everyone is too lazy to stand up.
14. 10+ people leave a lot of beer bottles, cans, cups, garbage after just one night.
15. Going for sushi the minute you return to civilization is the best feeling in the world.
16. If you are a ginger, you are going to burn. That is just the way that it is.
17. If you bring knitting, it could mysteriously unravel at some point through the weekend. And you will lose your knitting needle if you use it as a weapon.

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